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Helpdesk software that’s simple to use

Your agents are the beating heart of your customer experience. Without engaged, happy and efficient agents, it’s almost impossible for your business to provide the support your customers really deserve.

Agents simply need the right tools for the job. And that’s exactly what Zaideskis designed to do - equip your agents with everything they need to deliver efficient and effective support to your customers.

Find everything in an instant

When it comes to customer support, agents require swift access to any information that can help them resolve issues quickly. Searching your helpdesk shouldn’t be slow, clunky and ineffective.

Zaideskgives your agents lightning-fast full-text search of tickets, user records, chat transcripts, knowledgebase articles and other helpdesk content. Our software uses advanced search technology to turn a wild goose chase into a single, simple search.

A beautifully designed interface

For most customer support agents, the helpdesk is where they spend most of their time. It only follows that agents should feel at home when using support software, and an engaging interface is absolutely crucial for happy and productive agents.

With Zaidesk , agents have access to extensive preference options, allowing them to customize how their interface and notifications work.

Keep it simple with email

Although we live in an age of tweets and snaps, there is still room for trusty old email. When it comes to supporting your customers, agents often use email as their primary form of communication - and we try to keep this in mind.

With Zaidesk , agents don’t have to be logged in to reply to tickets. They can reply to customers, perform ticket actions and create notes - all using their email service provider, like Outlook or Gmail.

A helpdesk in your pocket

Today’s digital workforce are used to working remotely, from multiple devices, on-the-go. Allow your agents to take a powerful helpdesk with them, wherever they go.

Zaideskkeeps your agents in sync, even when people are out of the office. Answer, manage and analyze tickets with real-time updates - directly from our seamless Android and iOS apps.

Keep it simple

Agents shouldn’t have to waste time with unnecessary and time-consuming tasks, and great helpdesk software should makes life as easy as possible for the agents who use it.

With Zaidesk , agents can simply drag and drop crucial attachments into ticket messages. With our software, agents can focus providing great support to your customers.

One response, multiple uses

Do your agents receive the same support queries, over and over again? Having to type out the same, standard responses to repetitive questions can create quite frustrated agents.

With Zaidesk , agents can effortlessly craft perfect responses every time. Our software comes with snippets, which allow your agents to insert pre-written phrases, sentences or complete "canned answers" in just two clicks.

Give us a try and you will love the Zaidesk experience.

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